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A few things about me are that I enjoy exploring new places, I love food, experiencing new things, cycling and meeting new people.

I view the world as a beautiful place filled with wonderful people. While I realize that there are those who are not so nice, a majority of the people I meet are friendly and want what everyone wants, to enjoy themselves.

As far as my nickname, Mr. Awesome, this was given to me by my co-workers. I am a very busy person but not too busy to lend a hand when needed. I have repaired co-workers machines, repaired cars, aided them in their vehicles during snowstorms and more. In addition to my job I also have my own small business, work as a fire police officer at our local volunteer fire company and more.

Growing up I lived throughout the United States and in Germany. I loved Europe because of their lifestyle, transportation and beautiful history. I wish that more American citizens could experience living in Europe as I believe it would help us to mold our country into a much better one. Most people I talk with about it believe that European countries are behind the U.S. in most aspects of life when it is just the opposite. We are actually trailing them in many areas.

A little over 30 years ago I moved to the Philadelphia area, my new adopted home. Over the past several years I have fallen in love with this wonderful city. Both Philly and I have developed together for the better. While neither of us is perfect, we have a wondrous quality.

Like many people, I have also researched my family tree over the course of the last couple of years and discovered that my family has been instrumental in the development of this country since right before its founding. Not only did members of my family finance the American revolution, they signed both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, built boats and acted as guides for Lewis and Clark. The history of America has been definitely been guided by my family. This is something that none of us in our clan really knew until recently.

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